2020 AMA Kicker Arenacross Classes

All 2020 Arenacross Series Class Offerings can be found below. Click on the arrow to see the full list of classes in each grouping. Please click here to download a PDF version of all Class Offerings & Descriptions.

For all classes with six or less riders entered, we reserve the right to run the main race at 5 PM on the Race Day.
  • 50 Moto

50cc 4-6 years old

50cc 7-9 years old

50cc Outlaw

  • 65 Moto

65cc 7-9 years old

65cc 10-11 years old

65cc Outlaw

  • 85 Moto*

85cc 9-11 years old
85cc 12-15 years old
85cc/105cc Outlaw 9-15 years old
85cc Beginner

*If you race in 85 Beginner, you cannot race in the 85 age group, but you can race 105cc Outlaw

  • 250 Moto

250 Beginner

250 Novice

250 Intermediate

  • 250 Moto

250 Beginner

250 Novice

250 Intermediate

  • 450 Moto

450 Beginner

450 Novice

450 Intermediate

  • Open Moto

Open Outlaw

Beginner Outlaw

Vet Over 30

Women (Big Bikes)

  • Pro Moto

250 Pro

Open Pro



  • Open Quad

Quad (BIG) Beginner

Quad (BIG) Amateur


  • Mini Quad

Mini Quad 4 – 7 years old

Mini Quad 8 years old & up

Mini Quad Open (0-100cc)

*We reserve the right to make any changes to items including (but not limited to): class offerings, race day schedule, rules, series information, etc. and may do so up to 24 hours prior to an event. In the event we make any changes we will make our best effort to notify anyone who may be affected.*