race day schedule

2020 Winter Tour Schedule
*Coming Soon*

Friday & Saturday

  • Pit & Registration Open

  • Mandatory Rider's Meeting

  • Practice Begins

  • Heat Order Posted

    Racer must verify their class entry & number is listed correctly 30 minutes prior to Heats beginning

  • Staging for Heat Races

    Class & Number changes are to be made prior to Staging @ the office only

  • Amateur Heats

    LCQ Races begin as soon as Heats end – Results posted by office will indicate if your class has an LCQ

  • Pro Practice

  • If needed, Main Race for Small Classes*

    *For classes w/ 6 or less entrants, we reserve the right to run the Main Race for said class(es) at 5 PM.

  • Staging for Main Event

  • Main Event

    Awards are given to 1st – 5th place & are available 15 minutes after completion of each race

Race Day Schedule Information

  • Please make sure you pick up a Racer Schedule at the Registration office. The Schedule provides important race day timing & the order of races for the heats & the main show. We run a tight schedule and it is imperative that our racers stay informed of the schedule as the day progresses. It is possible that we will alter the Main Race order schedule slightly. It is your responsibility to check with the Registration Office for schedule changes.
  • All classes will be staged 3 races in advance. If all racers follow this rule, no one will miss their race. Even if we adjust the main order slightly (for example to combine small classes) if you are staged like you are supposed to be, there won’t be any issues. We will not refund money for any racer missing their heat or main.
  • One thing that is very important to check, is the heat racer order. It is posted at noon at the registration office and it list’s all the racers in their appropriate class(es). Sometimes mistakes are made and it is imperative that you check this order to make sure you are listed in the correct class with the correct bike number.
  • Errors need to be reported to the office immediately. If you don’t follow this procedure and you show up at the gate for heats and you aren’t listed in your class or any of your information is incorrect YOU WILL BE GATED LAST. We do NOT have time to make corrections/adjustments during Heats, LCQ’s or Mains and we depend on YOU to tell us if your information is incorrect. The only way to do this is if you follow this very simple procedure. This is important to do again after you complete your heat race. Go back to the registration office and check the results, even if you are confident in how you finished.
  • If errors aren’t reported in a timely manner (immediately after your heat) then you may show up for your Main Race only to be gated last, even if you should be gated 1st. We cannot delay the main racing because of an error that was never reported to us. It is difficult to research and correct a problem once the mains have begun. Please follow our simple procedure and the day will run smoothly and be fun for everyone.
  • If a class has six or less entrants, we may hold the main race for said class at 5 PM. We will be unable to determine whether or not your class will have a 5 PM Main Race until heats have begun. We will identify any classes racing their main at 5 PM when we post the heat results. It is your responsibility to confirm this when checking your heat result.